Who are We?

Cartel is a company bringing together like-minded people to celebrate the thrills, excitement, and joys of driving. We make it easy for people to experience the pleasures of classic, sporting motorcars and motorcycles without the stresses of owning ageing or high value motor vehicles.

What do we deliver?

Owning a classic sports vehicle can be complicated, expensive, and in some cases feel impossible. We deliver a number of ways that people can experience or own a classic sports vehicle without the hassles and expense. We deliver all the upside of classic sports vehicle ownership and strive to minimise the downsides. Our customers have the choice of two key paths to the classic sporting vehicle experience: Cartel Works – our reproduction vehicle building service, and Cartel Club – our subscription classic sporting vehicle club.

Cartel Works

World-class restorations and legendary turnkey recreations of cult vehicles. Created for you.
Many people will still want their own piece of automotive history in their garage. Alongside our world-class restoration services, we build a range of exceptionally crafted reproduction sports cars. Our restoration services are the result of a long-time collaboration with Victory Automotive. We are also responsible for the care of the vehicle collection of Nelson’s World of Wearableart and Collectable Cars Museum.
The reproduction vehicles, like those in Cartel Club (maybe even more so), are examples of the best – vehicles that have achieved cult status because of their outstanding design or racing prowess (or both). Because of their cult status only the extremely wealthy can now afford many of the vehicles our cars are based on. Because of us many enthusiasts can now afford to own one of these outstanding vehicles. These are not kit cars, these are fully operational, turn-key vehicles, engineered for the roads and laws of New Zealand, Australia and Pacific countries, refined for reliability and performance, registered and ready to go.

Cartel Club

Good people, great cars, zero stress.
In exchange for an annual subscription members of The Cartel are able to drive a range of exciting sporting vehicles. The vehicles are all interesting in their own right and none of them are your average daily driver. Vehicles are chosen for their performance, heritage, driving pleasure and are invariably exotic, rare or just plain fun. Membership of The Cartel is exclusive and limited in size. Members are selected based on their enthusiasm for sports motoring, their clean driving record, and the recommendations of existing members. The annual subscription buys points which can be attributed to the choice of cars. Some cars require more points than others. Weekends and holidays use up more points than week days. The base subscription will give, on average, about 20 days of broad smile driving along with all the social benefits of exclusive club of like-minded people.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are motoring enthusiasts. Most of our customers are time-poor to some degree. Many of them like the idea of owning, restoring or building their own cult sports car but they simply do not have the time, space, skills and/or energy to allow this. Our customers come from all walks of life, and their passion is the key unifying attribute that defines them.